The Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop


Couples WorkshopThis highly experiential two-day couples workshop has been shown to produce positive results for 86% of those who attend and to achieve results similar to those of 6 months of marital therapy. At the workshop, couples learn how to:

  1. Foster respect, affection, and closeness
  2. Build and share a deeper connection with each other’s inner world
  3. Keep conflict discussions calm
  4. Break through and resolve conflict gridlock
  5. Strengthen and maintain the gains in their relationship

How is this done?

This highly experiential couples workshop is filled with practical, simple tools and exercises that confirm, strengthen, and restore loving relationships. Along with the memory of reconnecting and the knowledge that “we can do this!”, couples take home a box of techniques, cards, tools, and tips to support their relationship in their everyday lives.

Workshop Topicscouples workshop

  • Learn to recognize the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and what to do if they are attacking your marriage.
  • Identify your relationship’s specific strengths and how to build on them.
  • Learn about the effects of physiological flooding and how it may affect conflict resolution.
  • Learn small, easy steps that increase romance in your relationship.
  • Learn how Love Maps provide a solid foundation for your marital intimacy.
  • Use the Fondness and Admiration System to renew respect and care for one another.
  • Create an Emotional Bank Account that you can draw upon in times of stress.
  • Develop your problem-solving skills, including the 6b skills for effective conflict resolution.
  • Find out how you can make your dreams and aspirations come true for you, your partner, and your relationship.

What’s Behind the Success of the Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop?

In a word: Science!

Our work is grounded in John Gottman’s over 40 years of research with more than 3000 couples.

86 percent of people who complete the Art & Science of Love Workshop make significant progress on conflicts that once felt “gridlocked.” These numbers are a big improvement over other forms of marital intervention. For example, acclaimed marriage researcher Neil Jacobson conducted an evaluation of one of the most highly regarded therapy methods and showed that only 35 percent of couples using it improved their marriage.

2016 Dates for the Art and Science of Love Weekend Workshop for Couples

I am happy to announce new 2016 dates and locations for the Art and Science of Love Couples Workshops. I will be offering the Art and Science of Love Weekend Workshop for Couples in Chandler, AZ, June 25 & 26, 2016, and in the White Mountains of Arizona (Lakeside), August 6 & 7. For information about the Chandler workshop and to register, see The Art and Science of Love Comes to Chandler. For information about the White Mountain workshop, see The Art and Science of Love Comes to the White Mountains.

If you are interested in bringing the Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop to your organization or community, please contact me at 928-679-3670 or via my “Contact Me” page.