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family therapy

Are you considering family therapy? Are you hoping for peace, joy, and love in your family? But instead, you are experiencing…

  • Temper tantrums?
  • Child or adolescent disruptive behavior?
  • Parent-child conflict?
  • Adolescent self-harming behavior?

Or have you experienced in your family…

  • Substance abuse and/or addiction?
  • The illness or death of a family member?
  • Disruption in the home life?
  • Abuse or trauma?

If so, I can help you…

  • Gain control of your home in loving ways
  • Reduce tantrums and disruptive behavior
  • Develop an authentic, loving connection with your children
  • Raise confident, self-motivated children
  • Heal the effects of trauma and abuse
  • Heal the effects of substance abuse and/or addiction in your family

You are not alone. Many families experience hurt, conflict, disruptive behavior, and trauma. It is a sign of love and care to seek professional help to heal your family.

Family therapy is about understanding and intervening effectively in relationships. It considers both individual and relational realities. The fundamental design for interventions is based on two convictions:

  1. That the consequences of one person’s decisions and actions can affect the lives of all the people who are significantly related to him or her.
  2. That satisfactory relating for one person is inseparable from the responsible consideration of consequences for all of the people to whom he or she is insignificant relationship. (Boszormenyi-Nagy & Krasner, 1986)

Your family is precious.  That is why it deserves an experienced, well-trained therapist who specializes in family therapy. I have the knowledge and experience to help. My Master of Science in Counseling is in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy. I began my career in child and adolescent behavioral health. I have worked with children and adolescents and their families with disruptive behavior and parent-child conflict and families involved with the Department of Children and Families. I developed and facilitated a Devereux Quality Star award-winning parenting program. I have worked in suicide prevention and intervention and with the children and families of addiction.

My practice is inclusive and welcoming to individuals, couples, and families of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

I would like to help you heal and transform your family relationships. Call me today at 904-792-9666 or use the Contact Me form. I will answer your questions, provide a brief, free phone consultation, and set up an appointment.

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